Series of experimental sensory workshop where participants are invited to taste foods from around the world that are "cooked" through human and microbial collaborations. As we taste, we consider, what are the climates, critters and colonies (human and otherwise) involved in the production of our food? Can we taste our relationship to these other beings, and in doing so, become more mindful of our responsibility to care for them?

By consciously digesting the products of climate colonialism, can we begin to bodily de-colonise our food web? As part of the event we will also discuss some of the material and metaphoric affordances of inter-cultural and eco-social practices of preservation, and invite participants to share their own practices of intimacy, relationality and care for our planet's metabolic ecologies.

Workshops have so far been delivered online as part of the CHASE Climate Justice conference and the Grandmother's Garden knowledge sharing platform, and in-person at Arts Admin's 'What shall we build here' festival of art & ecology in 2021.
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