Collaborative art project developed as part of Ecofutures, a three week-long festival and conference that brought together over 70 artists, activists and theorists from all over the world to create a platform for discussion and experimentation around urgent environmental and ecological through an intersectional, feminist and queer lens.
Trans*Plant was a 5-day workshop facilitated by the Spanish bio-hacking collective Quimera Rosa. Workshop participants were introduced to the legal and ethical frameworks for working with biological materials, as well as techniques and tools to work with cell cultures.
With this knowledge, and through the use of various biomedical techniques, each participant created a new symbiotic being in a petri dish that was based on a composite preparation for plant cells and mycorrhizal fungi with the contribution of human material (cells, hormones or bacteria).
Outcomes were presented as part of the conference, and installed in the Mile End Pavilion as part of the art exhibition.
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