Collaborative art project developed as part of Medialab-Prado’s Interactivos?’19: Eating against collapse (the inevitable end of the agroindustry food model), the project consisted of a two week ongoing prototyping workshop supported and inspired by talks from activists, artists, designers, agroecologists, economists and sustainability experts from all over the world.
Led by the designer Shandi YC Hsin of Placebo Studio, Taipei, in collaboration with filmmaker Sofia Victoria Rodrigo, designers Lorena Bohórquez and Eliana Urrego, and artist María Suárez Cepeda, the Kitchenette of Future Dust thoughtfully engaged with dehydration for food preservation.
The project looked to playfully disrupt the idea of dehydrated foods as purely functional in order to create recipes that drew from all of our various cultural influences and backgrounds to create joyful, nutritious and delicious food futures.
The project outcomes were installed at the Medialab Prado in Madrid as part of their summer food exhibition.
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